Stress is our emotional and/or physical reaction when we are under pressure/ tension.

In a world that is constantly changing at an increasingly rapid pace, many people feel stressed as they take on more roles and responsibilities. It is a real science to figure out how to comfortably balance everything so that you are able to enjoy all aspects of your life – family, partner, children, spirituality, friends, work, sports, hobbies, alone time. So many wonderful options yet if we are stressed, because of a busy schedule, or an unresolved conflict, or the looming threat of job loss, or financial difficulties, it can be difficult to enjoy anything we are doing.

Having a high level of stress for an extended period can have an adverse impact on our emotional and physical health.

Do you frequently:
Feel so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to start
Have trouble maintaining a healthy diet
Have trouble shutting your thoughts off
Feel that you are rushing, racing from one activity to another
Have trouble relaxing
Neglect your physical fitness routine

Do you often feel:

Have you noticed:
It is difficult to enjoy yourself in situations where others are having fun
It is hard to find time for you

Is your stress affecting your physical health?
Tension headaches
Difficulty sleeping
Often tired
Body aches & pains
Tight muscles
Clenching jaw
Grinding teeth
Diet-related illness

Every problem has a gift for you in its hands. ~ Richard Bach

If your stress has reached a level where it is interfering with your personal happiness and/ or your physical health, it is probably time to take steps to reduce your stress level and learn additional coping strategies such as relaxation techniques, cognitive therapy to challenge negative or irrational thoughts, problem solving skills, possibly assertiveness skills, and steps to creating a healthy balance in your life.

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